About us

As a contemporary cultural centre dedicated to science, innovation and creativity, the Quai des Savoirs brings together different disciplines and approaches to imagine desirable futures.

Immersive exhibitions, workshops, encounters with scientists and artists, digital installations, participatory science… the Quai des Savoirs offers all kinds of opportunities throughout the year for all ages, to take up the challenges of today and tomorrow.

How can we learn and produce knowledge in our ultra-connected societies? How can we cope with climate change and adapt to a profoundly changing environment? How can we tell the story of the future and imagine other ways of living? What knowledge and solutions can today’s research and experimentation bring us to build the world of tomorrow? How can we maintain a critical thinking in the midst of a constant flow of information and rumours?

Against this backdrop, the Quai des Savoirs sees itself as a cultural platform and resource centre, accessible to all, regardless of educational background or prior knowledge. The Quai des Savoirs offers a wide range of events for young and old to discover, be moved by, experiment, learn more about, exchange ideas and play with those who are inventing and exploring our everyday lives and the future.

These events take place in and around the Quai des Savoirs, in the centre of Toulouse, on the internet and on social networks, and in the various towns and cities of the Toulouse metropolitan area

Highlights of the Quai des Savoirs program

Each annual thematic season revolves around the 9-month presentation of a major immersive exhibition, which opens its doors to the public at the beginning of February and closes at the end of the autumn school holidays with Lumières sur le Quai, the Quai des Savoirs’ artistic and scientific festival.

This festival puts the season’s theme into perspective with 15 days of festive and original discoveries, original exhibitions, public meetings, creative workshops and events in the public space.