Lumières sur le Quai Festival


Lumières sur le Quai festival annually explores disciplines and artistic-scientific perspectives, inviting you to explore interactive, visual, and luminous installations. Discover the Quai des Savoirs main exhibition, participate in interventions and performances, engage in workshops and creative sessions for all ages, and meet notable scientific figures, artists, and key individuals shaping our era.

Exhibition on the containers of the festival taking place Allées Jules Guesde
© Emmanuel Grimault

Lumières sur le quai aims to mobilize people from the metropolitan area of Toulouse and the Occitanie region on the subject of the various conceivable futures we can imagine, as well as the consequences of the choices and actions we make at present. In order to build desirable futures, what research should be prioritized? What technical and societal innovations should be encouraged? What new ideas should be explored? To address these questions, the festival invites scientists, artists, citizens, and makers to share and co-create, with the public, their research, reflections, and creations.

Lumières sur le Quai takes place during the two weeks of the autumn vacation. Its conclusion coincides with the ending of the annual exhibition presented at the Quai des Savoirs, marking the end of the cultural season.

Open call 2024

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For its 9th edition, in conjunction with the conclusion of the exhibition Feux, mégafeux, the Lumières sur le Quai festival centers around the theme ‘Play with Fire’ and explores pyrotechnic creations from various perspectives: live arts, street arts, techniques and technologies based on combustion, ranging from cooking to propulsion, from culinary arts to space industry. This is the challenge of this new edition, at the intersection of visual arts, participatory sciences, and maker culture: playing with fire while reconnecting with climate hope!


For the 8th edition of Lumières sur le Quai, in continuation with the exhibition Esprit Critique : détrompez-vous !, the festival will delve into the dangerous connections between  fiction and reality. In a world grappling with fake news, deep fakes, conspiracy theories, and other false sciences, how can we discern the truth? Why always pit fiction against reality? Explore reality through fiction, illuminate fiction with reality. This is the daring challenge of this 8th edition!


That’s the challenge set by Quai des Savoirs for the 7th edition of Lumières sur le Quai around the theme taking back control of our futures. To conclude the season of the exhibition De l’Amour presented in the same year, the Quai des Savoirs addresses issues of coexistence, the trust we place in science, the space we allocate to others on the planet, and many more.